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How to communicate better with your real estate agent

How to communicate better with your real estate agent

Hiring a dependable real estate agent significantly improves your home-buying journey. When communication lines are optimal between you and your realtor, the process goes even smoother.

Getting the best real estate agent who’s perfect for your specific requirements is easier said than done. But the moment you find one, you need to find that common channel that you can use for communicating effectively with your real estate agent. Here are some tips:

Ask a lot of questions

During your search for a real estate agent, take note of all your concerns and make sure to ask your prospects questions related to these concerns during the first meeting. Their answers will help you in narrowing down your choices and deciding on who you want to work with.

Ask them their preferred method of communication, their schedule, and how long they usually take to respond to messages or call back. Make sure to talk about your preferences so you can arrive at a compromise. Your agent will try their best to cater to your preferences as their client, but remember that they are also working with other clients. When you know their general timeframe of when you should hear back from them, you’ll also know when to follow up if needed.

Be clear with your wants and needs

The more your real estate agent knows about you and what you’re looking for, the easier and quicker they can find your dream home. Be clear with want you need in a home (things you cannot live without or deal-breakers) and what you want (perks that will make the house even more appealing to you but are not exactly a necessity). Not being clear with your real estate requirements from the start will prolong the home search process.

Be upfront

There is no doubt that your real estate agent is knowledgeable and experienced in their job, but don’t hesitate to voice out your concerns and exchange ideas. Know when you’re feeling uncomfortable with certain recommendations your agent makes or how your agent communicates with you. Offer honest feedback and suggestions. Also, be open-minded throughout the home-buying process.

It’s the agent’s job to work within your timeframe and requirements. If your agent makes you feel like you’re too high maintenance or you’re not the priority, then you’re probably working with the wrong agent.

Ask for more than one communication method

Your real estate agent has a variety of methods that they can use to contact you but may only prefer specific ones. Make sure that you are on the same page on preferred communication means and that you’re not just relegated to one method for communicating.

Note that calls are better for long discussions or if you have a lot of questions. But if you only need to ask a quick question, a text message would suffice.

The important thing is to coordinate well with your real estate agent to establish the best communication channels that will suit both of you. Effective communication is a major key in keeping your home-buying experience free of roadblocks and stress.

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