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Market Data For The Week of June 7, 2024 Suggests A Strong Sellers Market + Potential Pricing Changes

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Is the local Real Estate Market Cooling?

This month's Market Action Index (MAI) for Harrisonburg, 22801 is slightly lower than last month's, and home prices have started to level off slightly. However, this doesn't necessarily mean the market is cooling or that this is a long-term trend. The change could be temporary so it is important to [...]

Newest Listings in the Shenandoah Valley

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Welcome to Valley Realty Associates' curated collection of fresh listings, handpicked to showcase the diverse and enchanting real estate landscape of the Shenandoah Valley! This week, we're thrilled to unveil a selection of properties that capture the essence of our vibrant communities and the natural beauty that surrounds them. Whether you're yearning for a historic farmhouse in the countryside, a modern condo in the heart of Harrisonburg, or a secluded mountain retreat, our latest listings offer something for every lifestyle and budget.

Let's explore the hidden gems and exciting opportunities that await you in the heart of Virginia!  Select this link to see the newest listings.

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Homes Sold in Harrisonburg and Rockingham, Virginia This Week

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Welcome to Valley Realty Associates' weekly snapshot of the vibrant Shenandoah Valley real estate market! We're excited to share the latest homes that have found new owners in Harrisonburg and Rockingham County over the past week. Whether you're a curious homeowner, an eager buyer, or a seasoned investor, this glimpse into recent sales offers valuable insights into the current market trends and property values in our thriving community. 

By clicking on this link you will open a list of homes that sold between May 23rd and May 30th in Harrisonburg or Rockingham County.

Let us be your teammate in the search for a new home. Whether you are listing or buying or both, we are here to act as a trusted advisor and guide to the Shenandoah Valley real estate market. Call or Email us today!

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Navigating the Peak Season Real Estate Frenzy: Essential Tips for Buyers and Sellers

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The spring and summer months often bring a surge in real estate activity, with more buyers entering the market and sellers hoping to capitalize on increased demand. While the peak season presents unique opportunities, it also comes with challenges. Whether you're buying or selling, these tips will help you navigate the frenzy and achieve [...]

Big Changes for Shenandoah Valley Home Buyers & Sellers: Understanding the NAR Settlement

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If you're thinking of buying or selling a home in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley, there's been a major development in the world of real estate that you should know about. A recent settlement with the National Association of Realtors (NAR) is set to reshape how real estate transactions work. Let's dive into what this means for [...]

Hang Up on Me, Hang Up on a Home: Why Real Estate Agents Need to Pick Up the Phone

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When you're in the market for a new home, the process is exciting, stressful, and often time-sensitive. As a potential buyer or seller in the Shenandoah Valley, you put a lot of trust in your real estate agent. One of the most fundamental ways an agent can earn that trust is by simply answering the phone and responding to inquiries [...]

Prepping for Multiple Offers: Winning Strategies for Buyers in Today's Shenandoah Valley Market

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The Shenandoah Valley housing market is heating up, and as a buyer, you might find yourself in the heart of a bidding war for your dream home. Don't despair! At Valley Realty Associates, we're here to guide you through this competitive landscape with tactics that will make your offer shine.

Understanding the Playing Field

In a seller's market, where homes sell quickly and often for above asking price, being prepared is [...]

Living Green and Bug-Free: A Guide to Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for Harrisonburg Homeowners

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The Shenandoah Valley, with its abundant nature and energetic communities, also welcomes a variety of uninvited guests: pests…the insect kind and the furry rodent kind. At Valley Realty Associates, we understand the frustration these unwelcome visitors can cause. But before reaching for the chemical spray, consider a more eco-friendly and [...]

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